North West Early Modern Seminar: University of Chester.

On May 22nd 2013 the North West Early Modern Seminar was hosted by the University of Chester for the afternoon.



The afternoon started with tea and biscuits before the five ‘speed-daters’ presented short introductions to their research:

  • Jenny Spinks (Manchester): Prodigious Histories: Wonder Books in Early Modern Northern Europe.
Jenny Spinks

Jenny Spinks

  • Siobhan Talbott (Manchester): ‘By the Treaty of Union their whole trade would be ruin’d’: British Commercial Dynamics, 1603-1713.
  • Catherine Marshall (Sheffield): Scolding, Gossip and Slander in Seventeenth and Eighteenth Century Legal Testimonies.
  • Hannah Robb (Manchester): The Charitable Gift in Seventeenth-Century England.
Hannah Robb: 'Remember the Poor'

Hannah Robb: ‘Remember the Poor’

  • Misha Ewen (Manchester): Witnessing India: Travel Writing in Mughal India, 1609-1619.
Misha Ewen

Misha Ewen

We took a break to refresh ourselves at the buffet which was very kindly provided by the university, before continuing with the 20-minute papers: 

  • Phillip Sargeant (Liverpool): The Administration of Sir Robert Walpole: 1721-1742.
Phil Sargeant

Phil Sargeant

  • Natalie Zacek (Manchester): ‘The Planter’s Portrait’: The Metropolitan and the Creole in Eighteenth-Century Britain.

Afterwards we went on to a riverside pub in the city of Chester to enjoy the May sunshine and continue discussions.

For the next academic year 2013/14 the following universities have volunteered to host the North West Early Modern Seminar:

Seminar 1 (Autumn 2013): University of Lancaster

Seminar 2 (Easter 2014): University of Liverpool

Seminar 3 (Summer 2014): University of Keele

If you would like further information about future seminars or would like to present a paper, please email

Remember that you can also follow the NWEMS on Twitter @NWSeminar


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